Wise use of data is the heart of smart and effective information management. In order to provide the authorities with optimally efficient use of data, Nova-Sens offers Cloud Storage and Location Services for data collected by the various sensors distributed throughout the city.

Cloud systems interface with all the customer’s existing monitoring and control systems and serve as independent monitor and control systems for use of data, by means of the endpoint units. The system interfaces with Google Cloud, SAP HANA and additional systems and offers an interface that is easy and convenient to adapt and to work.

Due to growing concern over cyber issues, the Cloud System is secured to the standard of SSL and TLS and provides a system of permissions, passwords and high level encryption and data security.

Cloud Services
Supervision and Control Monitors for optimal convenient use

For optimal user experience along with maximum executive performance and efficiency, NovaSens offers customers their user interfaces adapted for supervision and control. These interfaces include presentation of statistical data in fast, accessible and convenient configurations, interfaces for operations and decision making, interfaces geared to specific positions and roles in the organization and interfaces adapted to applications based on the requirements of the users.

In order for them to provide executive accessibility at any time, from any place, the interfaces include integrative WEB interfacing for systems that support the use of Smartphones.

Mobile Apps

Nova-Sens provides  Mobile Apps to the end users, the municipality managers and  decision managers of companies 

The App will provide free  parking space in streets or lots, logistic centers and shopping malls.

The App can send updated alerts and data to the field municipality personnel.