With the increase of cyber threats in recent years, sensitivity to security and the importance of securing the sensitive information held by municipal authorities is on the rise. There is a very high risk of potential hacking of this kind, as a result of the growth and expansion of Smart Cities that present hackers with the opportunity for malicious action. This kind of activity can completely disrupt all civil services, can leak residents’ personal information regarding their property etc, entering incorrect information about every resident, and compromising existing data bases.

In order to offer a sufficiently protective shield  starting with the sensor and through the standards used in the app held by residents, Nova-Sens has developed endpoint units that implement ‘cryptography’ that is intended to thwart cyber attacks of this kind.

Cyber Security Hack Resistance Sensors 

The Company integrates cryptographic technology according to a standard (FIPS 140/2 Level 3) that is designated for the protection of the new applications at the endpoints that include the following elements:

  1. Identification of the transmitting unit

  2. Verification of the transmitting unit and prevention of impersonation

  3. Assimilation of the cryptographic unit in endpoint units and data collection units

  4. ECC/RSA use of asymmetric cryptographic keys in the transmitter and receiver units

  5. TRNG use of a generator of random encryption keys

  6. Protection of endpoint units during update of software

  7. Active protection against attempts to penetrate or destroy sensitive data