Advanced Outdoor Parking Solutions – an excellent service for residents, reducing density and pollution


Nova-Sens is presenting the first solution in their line of Smart City products, which centers on a sensor designed to regulate the overall occupation of parking places by using a combination of technology and cyber protection. This sensor provides the municipalities  with an indicator showing all available or occupied parking places at any given time whilst offering residents a more positive and efficient parking experience.

As part of the Nova-Sens model, the company can provide a solution adapted precisely to the needs of every municipality.

Nova-Sens parking solutions provides  a variety of implementations such as logistics centers, shopping centers, parking lots for companies, as well as the Smartphone App and easy to use personal management interface.

Comprehensive Solutions for Smart Cities

NovaSens provides cities with the next generation of services and products that will make them smarter and more accessible. The full range of the Company’s products includes development and adaptation of sensors, a wide range of solutions for transfer of information, urban parking solutions, cloud storage and advanced applications for end users

Sensors for efficient systemic management of Garbage Removal

Systemic garbage removal management by municipal authorities is a highly complex logistic challenge.  It demands precise evaluation and planning in order to maintain a clean city on the one hand, and to prevent detrimentally affecting the quality of residents’ lives on the other hand with constant improvement of efficiency and savings on costs.


Nova-Sens has developed hidden garbage sensors that are designed and planned to provide authorities with the appropriate information that will enable them to efficiently manage the systematic removal of garbage, smartly and precisely. These sensors offer the following options:

  • Large hidden sensor that identifies the quantity of garbage in the container: providing a warning when the container is close to being full or if it is already full.

  • Sends a message when garbage removal should be carried out

  • Saves driving time

  • On time removal of garbage and emptying of bins

  • Saving on unnecessary trips

  • Saves municipal costs

  • Learns travel routes