Intelligent Monitoring solution that enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resource

Integrated Waste Managment
Cloud Services

Communication from the sensors to the gateways ; low power consumption, no need for SIM in the sensors.

Cloud services for data collection and monitoring use


Real time information, alerts, Managment Control Panel,

Analitics capabilities.

Custom reports and managing tools

NovaSens provides cities with the next generation of services and products that will make them smarter and more accessible. The full range of the Company’s products includes development and adaptation of sensors, a wide range of solutions for transfer of information, urban parking solutions, cloud storage and advanced applications for end users

From Sensor to Mobile App

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A wide range of parking solutions based on advanced sensors – saves costs and time while reducing pollution.

Parking Sensors
Cyber Security Hack Resistant Sensors

Integration crytographic technology at the Endpoint units (FIFS 140/2 Level 3)




Custom Sensors

Providing comprehensive tailor made sensors solutions that can meet the customers needs 




Mobile Apps

Nova-Sens provides  Mobile Apps to the end users, the municipality managers and  decision managers of companies 

The App will provide free  parking space in streets or lots, logistic centers and shopping malls.

The App can send updated alerts and data to the field municipality personnel